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Flow cell technology

nanoFlowcell® opens up new perspective


Leveraging the technological properties of nanofluids and flow batteries, we developed a groundbreaking new energy storage. On-par with modern lithium-ion accumulators in energy density, but safer, environmentally compatible and more convenient.

nanoFlowcell® stores electrochemical energy and release it as electricity. Benefits of this technology are its thermal safety, low cost, high efficiency and great flexibility.

The potential of nanoFlowcell® is enormous. more...

RefuelingThe global conscience.

nanoFlowcell®-powered electric vehicles do not depend on a specific charging infrastructure nor require time-consuming battery recharging. Exhausted bi-ION liquids will be refueled as easily as gasoline. As bi-ION electrolytes are non-toxic and thermally stable, there will be no onerous regulatory requirements for logistics and storage of those liquids. Easily accessible everywhere, bi-ION electrolyte fluids could be distributed through existing petrol stations worldwide.

bi-ION liquids are inexpensive to manufacture and free of toxic compounds and rare materials.

High performance, extremely economical, fast refueling and zero emissions. nanoFlowcell® will generate broad acceptance for electro mobility!



14 Hours nonstop without refueling

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While QUANT is making its initial appearance largely in the automotive sector, individual mobility is only one aspect of the many application opportunities for the nanoFlowcell®.